We offer a long list of treatments at our spa, from waxing, to facials, to full body wraps, and eyelash extensions, and much more. If you would like to combine any services for a package discount, Iā€™m happy to do that for you--just contact me directly to discuss details and book your appointment. For spa packages for you and your friends or you and your partner, please check out our packages page. 


We use two different types of waxes -- for larger waxes, we use honey wax with paper or material strips. For facial waxing or Brazilians, we use a film (hard wax), popular in Europe, which sticks to just the hair, rather than the skin, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. This type of wax doesn't leave red spots or cause any irritation.

Full leg


Half leg




Brazilian/ Hollywood






Upper lip




Tidy up




Full face waxing package






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Full men's package


Eye Treatments

Individual lashes

1300 THB

Look stunning 24/7 with eyelash extensions. The average lash application takes around 45 minutes for a full set. We use a mix of mink lashes, varying in lengths and thicknesses according to your preference. We recommend that our customers do a skin test 24-48 hours before to ensure skin doesn't have any adverse reaction.

Eyelashes/ eyebrow tint

400/ 400 THB

Forget about plucking and using an eyebrow pencil, and have our expert eyebrow technician give your brows the royal treatment. She will shape, darken, and perfect your eyebrows. Tinting takes around 20 minutes to complete. We use a leading colour brand from the UK called RefectoCil.

Facial Treatments

Indian ear candling
600 THB

Ear candling is an ancient alternative therapy for removing wax from the ears. The treatment involves a trained technician placing a hollow specialty ear candle in your ear while you are lying down on your side, around which a towel is wrapped for safety and comfort. The other end of the candle is lit, which creates negative pressure, drawing wax and debris out of the ear canal. The procedure is then repeated on the other side. In total, the treatment takes around 20 minutes.

New cell ion foot detoxification
1000 THB

Using the latest and greatest ion foot bath, advanced technology and microprocessors create a series of positive and negative ions in the foot bath in which your feet are immersed. These ions help your body detoxify safely, mainly in your kidneys, liver, and skin, resulting in the stimulation and balancing of the body's bioenergetic fields. This procedure is not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone with a pacemaker, or organ transplant(s), or anyone on thyroid medication. The treatment takes around 30 minutes for best results. We have more pores at the bottom of our feet than anywhere else in our body (over 2,000), making this the most effective area to detox. The machine has four modes that can be selected according to the strength of detoxification desired. It pulls through the bottom of your feet like a magnet, locking on to any toxins, bacteria, sickness, and draws them out of the body. We can treat two people at the same time for this treatment, and we recommend doing this intense treatment in the evening for best results.

Facial 1
1300 THB

Lifting, toning, photon light, ion skin scraper. Experience the latest in skin technology, starting with an LED photon therapy light mask. This treatment, a celebrity favourite, uses natural light waves, transmitted by LEDs to the skin via an electronic mask gently placed over the face for 20 minutes. The procedure is known to stimulate collagen and treat acne, without any adverse effects. The mask is followed with an ultrasonic spatula that uses high-level sound wave technology that gives your skin a soft peel--think of it as microdermabrasion 2.0. Ultrasound vibration of up to 28,000 cycles per second and gentle heat remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris, fade dark spots, and improve blood circulation painlessly.

Facial 2
1300 THB

Problem skin, deep acne treatment. We start with the ion skin scraper, which oscillates at high speeds, pushing the water deep in and getting all the dirt out. Thereafter, we use the hand-held LED face machine, wherein the estetcian puts an ultra-hydrating, nourishing serum popular with Asian celebrities for keeping their skin moisturised and clear, that is absorbed easily by your skin with the LED machine being rubbed over top in a circular motion to ensure optimal absorption. We recommend four to five treatments for best results, ideally two weeks apart. Please speak to us about our multi-course packages.

Facial 3

LED light therapy mask with paraffin mask. Using the latest NASA-developed technology, LED face masks are all the rage amongst Hollywood celebrities, and for good reason. LED lights penetrate the skin at varying depths, fighting acne-causing bacteria, while also making the skin plumper and minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Different colours are used for different purposes--blue light is best for diminishing acne, while red is best for stimulating collagen. White light tightens skin and reduces inflammation. The light is also thought to minimise age spots and pores. This 20-minute treatment is followed by a paraffin face mask. For this procedure, the face is covered with a protective gauze mask, after which warm paraffin wax is applied to the face with a brush. The gauze prevents the paraffin from burning the skin, while allowing the ingredients and heat to penetrate the cells. The treatment cleans pores, reduces wrinkles, and moisturises the facial skin. Parrafin wax is a natural wax made of natural oils, not damaging to anyone's problem skin, very moisturising, particularly for hard, dead, overtired or overworked skin, leaving it particularly nourished when peeled off.

Facial 4
1300 THB

Volcanic hot stone face neck and chest. Indulge yourself with a treatment that has withstood the test of time. Civilisations the world over have been using hot stones for healing and relaxation purposes throughout history. Smooth, flat volcanic stones are heated and strategically placed along the body's meridiens. The massage therapist manipulates the stones using long strokes, tapping, kneading, and other Swedish massage techniques. This type of massage is excellent for reducing muscle tension and pain, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving circulation. The volcanic rocks are full of natural mineral properties, and when heated up and massaged onto the face, these are easily passed on to the facial skin. This treatment is also effective for relieving pain or knots in the chest and neck muscles.

Facial 5

Face, neck and chest invigorating cupping. This ancient practice induces collagen and elastin into the facial, neck and chest skin through the application of suction cups to the facial, neck and chest areas, stretching the fascia beneath the skin to restore fresh skin tissues. Among the many benefits of facial cupping are puffiness reduction and softening of fine lines and wrinkles, while also alleviating headaches and sinus congestion. This celebrity-favourite treatment is different from a massage by grabbing the skin and muscle and pulling it away from the bone, which can be helpful for those with trapped nerves or anything stuck in the skin.

Body Treatments 

Cellulite blasting

Specific areas; top of legs, buttocks, hips and thighs through cupping therapy, together with inch loss deep heat mask and wrap. Full body cupping is also good for injuries and pain relief. Through suction and negative pressure, cupping therapy loosens muscles, encourages blood flow, and sedates the nervous system (this also makes it an effective treatment for those with high blood pressure). Cupping can be used to ease back and neck pain, loosen stiff muscles, calm anxiety, and relieve fatigue, migraines and rheumatism. It also helps decrease the appearance of cellulite, since the procedure separates the layers of the fat and muscle. The cups we use are the silicon and plastic cups mixed, allowing us to control the suction, unlike with the traditionally used glass cups. This involves an intense cupping on the hips and thighs to break up the fatty cells, and afterwards a deep heat intense mask is put on, which is wrapped in cellophane, pushing it deeper into the skin. this is left on for around 25 minutes, helping to disperse the fat that has been broken up from the cupping, leaving the skin smooth. Results will be seen and felt after just one treatment, though for the best outcome, we recommend three or four treatments. The entire treatment takes around 85 minutes. Ask us about our cellulite-blasting packages.

Full body mud clay mask & wrap
1000 THB

Also known as thalassos, mud wraps and mud masks have been used by indigenous people for centuries, known for their detoxification, remineralisation, rejuvenation, and relaxation benefits. The process of wrapping the body and leaving the mud on for extended periods of time allows the skin the time it needs to fully absorb the potent minerals and anti-oxidants contained in the clay. The mud we use is a high-quality dead sea mud, great for people with skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, even a skin burn. The mud is left on for about 30 minutes. This treatment goes best with a body scrub beforehand.

Full body scrub with all natural organic ingredients
1000 THB

Did you know that you shed up to 23,000 dead skin cells every hour? Using natural, organic formulations, this full body scrub exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells and other impurities in your skin. Once the scrub is washed off with the impurities, the new, fresh skin it leaves behind will better absorb any moisturiser applied to it. Your skin will look youthful and vibrant for up to 30 days. Scrub used is all natural organic scrub. Main properties are organic coffee, brown sugar, oats, raw coconut oil, raw honey, and a mix of aromatherapy oils of your choice. Before the scrub, we'll place you in the steam box for 15 to 20 minutes to open up your pores, and prepares the skin to be in the best condition to receive the scrub effectively. This treatment is best followed by a mud mask and wrap.

Herbal compress massage
1000 THB

Dating back nearly 5,000 years, the Thai herbal compress massage has deep roots in traditional Thai medicine. Herbs are carefully researched and chosen to relieve pain and inflammation, and bundled together according to ancient recipes, wrapped in a mulsin compress, and applied to the skin over select areas in gentle movements.

Professional teeth whitening
3500 THB

We use the newest technology, with LED lights that open the pores of your teeth. When the peroxide gel is applied to the teeth, in collaboration with the machine. The old machines were very painful, being so intense and opening the pores too quickly, causing damage to enamel. This machine is far more gentle. The peroxide gel is left on for 20 minutes, with varying degrees of the LED light that will be adjusted according to your therapist. We apply a second coat after 20 minutes and leave the gel and machine to do its work, while you are left in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Infrared sauna and steam box
350 THB

Includes use of both. Infrared saunas aid in the release of bodily toxins, including heavy metals like mercury, lead, and environmental chemicals. The technology also assists with weight loss, relaxation, relieving unwanted pain, increasing blood circulation, and purifying the skin. Steaming the body opens the pores and loosens any dirt build up, as well as harmful bacteria and toxins, while also promoting circulation, and hydrating the skin by increasing oil production.


Manicure with Revlon nail polish

These Western-style manicures include cuticle cutting, removes dead skin, shapes nails, hand massage,

Pedicure with Revlon nail polish

Manicure with gel overlay
800 THB

Pedicure with gel overlay
800 THB

Take off shellac/ gel from fingers or toes
300 THB

Manicure with gel extension tips
1600 THB

Done by our fully trained esthetician.

Gel removal, full manicure and gel overlay
1000 THB

Paraffin wax hand treatment
600 THB

A luxurious treatment with many wonderful benefits for the delicate skin of your hands. Your hands will be dipped several times quickly into a small tub of heated paraffin wax. Your hands are placed in warm water first, followed by a scrub to remove all dirt. We then massage coconut oil into your hands, before dipping them three times into the wax, which sets quickly. Your hands are then put in a bag and then a mitt to ensure optimal absorption. The entire treatment takes around 30 minutes.